"Strengthen safety and compliance within the maritime sector."

Office of the

Maritime Regulator

Our Mission

To be the leading agency overseeing the maritime sector in Vanuatu and to provide an effective regime conducive to:

  • safety and security of ships, protection of the marine environment, ports regulation and welfare of seafarers.
  • effective implementation of maritime safety standards
  • effective coordination of maritime search and rescue operations
  • prevent and control maritime pollution in Vanuatu waters
  • good governance by adhering to the highest standards of integrity and efficiency in delivery of services for our stakeholders and to contribute to Vanuatu’s national economy.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a dynamic, efficient, proactive, and responsible Regulatory body.


About Us

Following four years of reforms in the Maritime Sector, a new independent government owned entity has been formed to regulate the maritime sector of Vanuatu. The office of the Maritime Regulator to operate as “Vanuatu Maritime Regulator” or VMR came into existence on the 1st of July 2017 under the provisions of its enabling legislation; the maritime sector regulatory Act No. 26 of 2016. The main responsibilities include,

1) Impose a maritime safety regime throughout Vanuatu which ensures the safety of Vessels and their crews and passenger, and which complies with all applicable international Conventions and obligations

2) Ensure the effective regulation of ports and port facilities through the promotion of efficient and safe port operations and the protection of rights of port uses to access ports and port facilities on fair and equitable terms

3) Enshrine the principles of independence and best practice in relation to regulation of the maritime sector; and

4) Promote the security of shipping and port operations, and to facilitate compliance with all security related aspects of applicable international maritime conventions.

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